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Bring Your Own Laptop Online


Absolutely the most interesting, challenging and rewarding projects we’ve undergone. Daniel from Bring Your Own Laptop brought us in to help with the creating his online training website which began with a Joomla build and ended in a custom Laravel build by Malcolm Knott.

The job began with Daniel requiring many changes to his website, beginning with usability changes to help user interaction with the aim to boost signups. This was achieved by developing a streamlined system for signups, making it easier and more appealing to users to pay for his online training.

Later on we reworked the process of Bring Your Own Laptop’s advertising, moving away from paid advertising and making use of Daniel’s awesome content, pushing more free content to Youtube which in turn reached more people – and creating more conversions.

The work for Bring Your Own Laptop then developed into video production and advertising management, developing systems to streamline video production and decreasing problems in the production line. We begun managing transcriptionists to have the subtitle and transcribe Daniel’s free videos  – in turn creating beautiful SEO opportunities.

Thanks Daniel!

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